National Anthem Trio Performance in Central Park

Three CMPYP students (Iolanta Mamatkazina, Maya Graves, and Vinnie Wang) were invited to sing the national anthem at the 20th Annual Achilles Hope and Possibility run in Central Park.  The four mile run attracted over 6000 runners this year in celebration of disability inclusion.  At 7:57 AM on Saturday, June 26, the trio of singers launched into a three-part arrangement of the Star-Spangled Banner as the first group of runners gathered at the starting line. After the final note faded the trio were given a sterling applause by all those who could hear their voices.  Congratulations to the trio for being ambassadors for the FMDG Music School, and for their hard work in rehearsing the arrangement under the guidance of Dr. Dalia Sakas.  To watch the performance on Instagram click here.


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