Date: 2021-2022 Academic School Year

A Taste of FMDG Music School

Photography by: Ben Asen and Algis Norvila

A teen sings at a microphone dressed in a sky blue sweater with a sparkly broach.
student signing
An adult woman wearing a black blouse with a turquoise patterned jacket speaks at a microphone. Four young people dressed up nicely stand behind her.
professor with mic
Six adult women are singing together. Four of the women are wearing light colored tops. One woman is wearing a turquoise sweater. One women is wearing a red sweater. One singer reads the score on a tablet, another from a braille music score and another from a printed book.
group of people singing
A young person playing the piano dressed in a light colored dress shirt and powder blue bow tie.
piano player
One adult sings while holding a microphone in one hand and gesturing with the other. The singer is wearing glasses and a blue and white stripped blouse.
teacher singing
An adult in a linen dress holds the hand of a young person dressed in a black dress. The adult is holding a piece of paper. Behind them is a piano.
student walking with teacher
A group of intergenerational musicians are playing various instruments including the piano, saxophone, guitars, recorders, drums and melodicas.
guitar player

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