FiLOrk at the Andrew Heiskell Library

FiLOrk (Fil’ Laptop Orchestra) is an electronic music ensemble made up of five high school students who identify as blind or low vision. Inspired by laptop orchestra and Algorave movements, FiLOrkers perform through collaboratively writing code to generate music.  As such, each musician of FiLOrk wears multiple hats – performer, programmer, composer, sound designer, etc.

On Saturday, April 22, FiLOrk presented an original composition at the Andrew Heiskell Library for Braille and Talking Books. The composition combined synthesized instruments and audio recordings that were made using their voices, assistive technologies, and other found objects. Following the improvised performance was a Q&A led by D’Agostino Accessible Music Technology Fellow, Willie Payne.  

Image Description: Five students working together to create electronic music using computers. 

Five students sit at a table making music with computers
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