Music School Policies

Registration Policy

The FMDG Music School encourages early registration so that students and teachers schedules can be optimized. As an incentive to early registration, we will waive the registration fee during the announced early registration period.

Prices for all programs are tuition-based for a full semester and reflect our belief that participation in the FMDG Music School encompasses a broad array of musical opportunities for students that may go beyond their actual instruction. Examples of these opportunities include free concert tickets, touch-tours at museums, field trips, master classes, and guest artist performances. 


Cancellation Policy

The FMDG Music School reserves the right to cancel or change class offerings for any reason, such as insufficient enrollment, or unavailability of the instructor. In the event of cancellation, registered students will be notified and given a full refund. If a student chooses to withdraw, a full refund will be made before the first class. There is no refund after the third class or lesson. Registration fees are nonrefundable and apply only to the semester for which you enroll.


Make-up Lesson Policy

Lessons are offered on a full-semester basis. Once the schedule is established, the specific lesson time is an agreement between teacher and student, whether the lesson or class is taken or missed by the student. Instructors are not required to make-up lessons or classes that are canceled or missed by students without a prior rescheduling arrangement made at least 24 hours in advance. Reasonable accommodation of make-ups is made in cases of illness and unavoidable circumstances. However, in the case when an instructor cancels, a make-up lesson will be arranged.


Late Registration

If you register after the fourth week of the semester, tuition will be appropriately pro-rated.


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