Fall 2022 Offerings

Individual Lessons

Instruments offered include piano, violin, drums, saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, and voice. Braille music, music theory, music technology, composition and arranging can also be offered as individual lessons. Individual lessons are taught by highly sought-after professionals in their fields. Students are encouraged to study in-person but can also request remote lessons. Pricing is for the entire semester.

  • 30 minute lesson: $375.00 
  • 45 minute lesson: $525.00
  • 60 minute lesson: $675.00

Group Classes

Core music subjects like theory, braille music and music appreciation are often best learned in group settings. To enhance one’s individual study, students are encouraged to enroll in these core classes to round out their music education. 


Ensembles meet in-person for two hours on a weekly. Ensembles rehearse throughout the academic year. 

The FMDG Music School Vocal Ensemble is a small group of twenty-five singers selected by audition. Dr. Dalia Sakas is the choral conductor for the group, assisted by Dr. Leslie Jones, pianist. The vocal ensemble is renowned for its vocal performances at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, especially for its caroling at The Cloisters.

  • Vocal Ensemble: $100.00

Jam 59
is a pop/rock group directed by faculty member Chris Petz. Repertoire is a combination of oldies and contemporary songs based on the interest of the group’s members. The group is named for its original location at East 59th Street in NYC.   

  • Jam 59: $100.00

Adult students who are enrolled in an individual lesson are eligible to register for one ensemble free of charge. Otherwise fees for ensemble membership are listed above.

New ensembles arise from students’ interests and a desire to make music together. Past ensembles have included rock groups, Latin and jazz ensembles and a barber shop quartet. The Fil faculty and directors are always open to suggestions for new or renewed ensembles.

Fridays at ‘The Fil’

An exciting new program will soon be unveiled for the fall semester of 2022 with the goal to provide challenging in-person group learning, social interaction, and the opportunity to perform together. 

This new program will offer Friday afternoon package of classes in addition to individual lessons (similar to the Comprehensive Music Program for Young People).  Examples of classes include tap dance, drum circle and Latin ensemble, Voice Lab, and group ukulele instruction.  

The complete “Fridays at ‘The Fil'” package will be announced soon. 

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